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Of increasing importance to successful projects are our approaches to key transportation and parking issues, including:

If you need practical solutions to transportation or parking problems, let us help.

Transportation Planning: A Crucial Step in Resort Design

Transportation management plans can minimize environmental intrusions. TDA, Inc. develops transportation systems with options to control -- or eliminate -- cars, reduce vehicular travel, and limit transportation's visual and physical presence. People behave differently at resorts, producing daily and seasonal patterns of travel which can strain transportation and financial resources. Planning for flexible systems is a must. TDA, Inc. projects seasonal travel demand requirements, plus capital and operating costs. You'll know what to expect.

TDA, Inc. -- Fitting Solutions To The Problem. How do people use roads, sidewalks,transit, parking? What do people need here? The lay of the land, street grid, density, local economy, even the climate all influence people's transportation choices. What works in Nashville may not fly in Honolulu. Each park, resort, province and city has its own settings, a special history. We realize there's no single answer.

In Desaru, Malaysia, the answer was an internal transportation system. Guests will not need to worry about private vehicles while visiting Desaru -- the resort will provide frequent electric bus and small taxi service throughout the development.

To track the needs of day visitors, overnight guests and employees, TDA, Inc. developed its 24-hour TripSimulator to show hour-by-hour parking and traffic demands. TDA, Inc. can identify arrival/departure patterns by market segment, and detail guest travel throughout their stay.

TDA, Inc.'s Fleet Manager determines the capacity, performance and capitol/O&M costs for your bus, shuttle, rail, gondola, or other transit system. This gives you information you need to complete your plans.

Is it reasonable? Is it feasible? At TDA, Inc., these are the critical questions -- ones which must be answered prior to extensive planning. You don't need an exhaustive engineering study to decide if a new road, expanded parking area, or transit system will work. We can help you decide early on if this is the solution, before lots of money and time get spent on the wrong answers.

Transportation and Historic Resources

Should we tear down old buildings to create more parking? Parking is a balance issue Too much is wasteful and expensive. Too little can drive people away. A perception of too little may lead to unnecessary destruction of historic resources to make room for more cars. However, parking can often be found to avoid losing historic resources. To create those options, we need to look at actual demand and use. Sometimes the answer is simple -- better management.

When should roads be widened? Are there other choices? In historic districts, road widening may threaten shade trees,buildings, or needed parking. Local priorities determine direction: do we need to move traffic through faster, or slow traffic down to favor pedestrians?

Unique setting demand unique solutions. At Petra, Jordan, a World Heritage Site, we found it best to let people walk through the narrow entry passageway and past the central antiquities rather than intruding with transportation equipment. This walk was part of the experience. But creating a new road and providing small jeep transport for the return journey made the entire trip more enjoyable for hot, tired visitors -- without detracting from the ancient site.

At Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, the answer to traffic snarls was more parking -- and better traffic management. Pedestrians got priority over vehicles. The results: less congestion, higher attendance, and happier neighbors.

Anticipating Transportation Needs for Major Events

Can we clear the stadium in less than an hour after the game? To meet your goals requires knowing what the area's street or transit system will handle. Do you need new streets? Wider streets? Do you need to close streets? Or do you need another solution? TDA, Inc. can show you how to save time and money.

Does it make sense to include transit? That depends on your location, amount of parking and your community's transit habits. Your market may be just right for transit -- or dead wrong.

We need parking -- but how much? Parking can be critical to getting people to your event, and to boosting revenue. Too little drives people away. Too much is wasteful and expensive. To find the answer, we look your setting and actual patterns of demand. Visitors, performers, employees and press have different needs, so options differ. We help you find the right parking size for your mix of activities.

Transportation for Real Estate Development

We can't wait 6 months -- we need the answer next week! Sometimes you need key answers quickly -- to close a sale, to stay competitive or to meet other critical deadlines. Or sometimes you may wonder whether your still headed in the right direction. TDA, Inc.'s Rapid Response Team can deliver the answers and meet your schedule.

We need more than a technician - but how do we get the right people? Your project may involve coordinating planning and design issues among economists,architects, engineers and planners. TDA, Inc. knows and works with top professionals in these and other disciplines and can put the right team together to find solutions -- quickly, comprehensively with results you can use.