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Trinity Parkway

Lincoln Square

Seattle Public Library Downtown

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Metro Rapid Bus Market Analysis

Balboa Park

Tacoma Parking Revenue Projections



TRINITY PARKWAY: A context-sensitive roadway

Location: Dallas, Texas

Client: Mayor Laura Miller and County Judge Jackson

Project: Urban design of a parkway and major park along the Trinity River adjacent to downtown Dallas.

Goal: Achieve a balance among competing interests in providing roadway capacity as a reliever route and providing a facility compatible with the proposed park.

TDA Role: Working with Chan Krieger & Associates, we provided the transportation portions of the urban design concept plan. In an editorial, The Dallas Morning News said the concept plan “…injected renewed energy and vision into the project.”

Trinity River, Dallas, Texas

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LINCOLN SQUARE: Application of TDA’s 24-hour analysis system to a major mixed use development

Lincoln Square, Bellevue, Washington
Illustration courtesy of Kemper Development

Location: Bellevue, WA

Client: Kemper Development Company

Project: Development of a nearly 2 million square foot retail, office, hotel, restaurant and residential mixed use project in the heart of downtown Bellevue.

Goal: Help obtain City approvals for a redesigned project under new ownership.

TDA Role: Comprehensive parking and access analysis, including analysis of pedestrian patterns in support of skybridge connections to the adjacent Bellevue Square and Bellevue Place.

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SEATTLE CENTRAL LIBRARY: Transportation and Parking Analysis

Location: Downtown Seattle, WA

Client: Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees

Project: New central library in downtown.

Goal: Help pass the proposed Library through the public review process.

TDA Role: Traffic and pedestrian access needs, parking and loading zone requirements. This included random surveys of library visitors to determine mode of travel, trip purpose (library or meeting), and parking requirements.

Downtown Public Library, Seattle, Washington

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FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTER: Master Planning and Transportation Analysis

Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington Campus Location: Seattle, WA

Client: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reseach Center

Project: Creation of a new campus for this internationally recognized research organization.

Goal: Assist client in Master Planning; complete environmental review.

TDA Role: Traffic access and parking requirements, initially for site selection and continuing for several phases of development at the Lake Union campus.

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METRO RAPID BUS MARKET ANALYSIS: Understanding the market for new transit service

Location: Los Angeles, California

Client: Caltrans

Project: Identifying characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit riders in Los Angeles.

Findings: Metro Rapid is one the country’s newest and most extensive Bus Rapid Transit systems. We documented substantial gains in ridership due to the new service and showed that new riders differ in both demographics and travel habits from previous riders. Critically, we found that the cost per new rider was significantly less than other currently popular transit investments. For example, Metro Rapid’s total cost per new rider ranged from $1.28 to $5.27, far less than light rail’s typical cost of $20 or more per new rider.

TDA Role: On-board interviews to document riders’ demographic characteristics and travel habits; evaluated results before and after start of new Metro Rapid routes.

Metro Rapid Bus, Los Angeles, California

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BALBOA PARK LAND USE, CIRCULATION & PARKING STUDY: Improving the user’s experience

Balboa Park, San Diego, California Location: San Diego, California

Client: Jones & Jones for the City of San Diego

Project: Renewal and reclamation of a major urban park and zoo.

Goals: New transportation system to support growth in attendance and to reclaim land for park uses. With over 12 million visitors per year, parking shortages frustrate visitors and limit attendance potential of the park’s many museums and cultural institutions. Reclaim plazas and gardens previously converted to parking lots.

TDA Role: Working with a national planning team, we developed a new parking scheme of underground and terraced garages that captures vehicles at major entry points to be served by a shuttle loop bringing visitors and employees within a short walk of their destinations. Recommendations were based on substantial research of visitor and employee travel habits.

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TACOMA PARKING REVENUE PROJECTIONS: Focusing on costs and market conditions

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Client: City of Tacoma

Project: Parking Revenue Bonds.

Goal: Use municipal parking revenue as one part of a bond package to finance parking system improvements and the parking portion of the new Tacoma Convention Center.

TDA Role: Identifying parking supply and demand conditions; projecting future parking net revenues; participating in reviews by bond insurance and rating agencies.

Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, Washington

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